Documents and Links

Complaints Filed
We have filed complaints on behalf of Alan Watt and Robin Erkenbrack with the city of Crystal.  They address not only the illegal retaliation but corruption by Crystal police management.  To see these complaints:

Erkenbrack Statement and Attachments for Media
Watt Statement and Attachments for Media

Releases Sent
Since the Crystal City Council has been having difficulty getting data from City Manager Anne Norris, Alan Watt and Robin Erkenbrack sent signed releases to Norris (and copied the city council).  To see these releases:

Erkenbrack Authorization Release and Waiver
Watt Authorization Release and Waiver

Brooklyn Park Press Conference
We held a press conference in Brooklyn Park on Monday, July 15 to condemn the fact that Brooklyn Park cop Greg Burstad who was involved in multiple brutality incidents as well as the illegal dispossession and theft of the home of Ramirez family only got a 40 hour suspension, while whistleblower cops Erkenbrack and Watt have already suffered far worse.  There was a lot of good media coverage.  Below are documents and links to the coverage.

Burstad Media Release 071513
BP Police Officer Accused of Brutality
Strike Force Member Draws Fire from Victims  

In the Media
Here are links to some of the media this issue has generated.

Serious Allegations of Crystal Minnesota Police Corruption (radio show) 

The Price Cops Pay When they Report Misconduct by Another Cop
Blog by retired Minneapolis cop Michael Quinn, who has ALWAYS done the right thing!

Coverage by KSTP and KAAL (includes video and links to rally flyer and Quinn interview):
Unexplained Paid Leave of Crystal Officers Raises Questions (KSTP)
Unexplained Paid Leave of Crystal Officers Raises Questions (KAAL)
Crystal Officers on Paid Leave (follow up piece on 7/31/13)