About Crystal Police Officers Alan Watt and Rob Erkenbrack

Crystal is a wonderful community but there is a problem with police management.  There is a long history of police leadership engaging in corruption.

Officers Watt and Erkenbrack both spoke up for the Ramirez family, a Latino family living in Crystal whose home was burglarized and who lost all of their possessions in the crime.  The burglary involved Brooklyn Park police officer Greg Burstad who was on the Metro Gang Strike Force.  Despite reporting the crime, the family was denied an investigation into who stole their property.  Crystal police management continues to refuse to investigate this crime.

Other police management corruption Watt and Erkenbrack have exposed includes:

  • The current chief, Stephanie Revering, as training supervisor bet another officer “a bottle of booze” over when a new officer would be fired—before he had even started the job.  She then caused him to be fired.  Erkenbrack found the written bet and reported it.  Revering admitted the bet but the prior chief found no misconduct.
  • Revering and other officers went to a strip club while off duty and caused such a disturbance that management escorted them out.  Erkenbrack authorized his staff to write up the complaint from strip club management, but nothing was done.
  • Todd Gustafson, now with police management, brought a live mortar (bomb) into the police station, endangering many people’s lives.  The bomb squad was called, the building evacuated and the bomb removed, but no investigation was ever done.

As a result of courageously standing up for the Ramirez family and raising concerns about other corruption by police management, Watt and Erkenbrack are both facing retaliation.  They have been placed on paid administrative leave for long periods, wasting tens of thousands of dollars for Crystal taxpayers.  Ofc. Watt was also placed on unpaid leave for 6 weeks and told he could not earn income from any source to support his three children.  Sgt. Erkenbrack was demoted to patrolman.

These officers have filed formal complaints with the city of Crystal and the Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Board due to illegal retaliation by Crystal Police Chief Stephanie Revering.